Sant Joan Tower

The Sant Joan tower is placed in an small island located inside the “port dels Alfacs”, 50 meters away from the Ebre river delta shore. It was build by king Felip II in 1576 an was the first of four towers targeted to defend the Delta from pirate ships. Finally only two of they were finished.

The path to reach the shore surrounding the tower is a little hard so the spot is normally deserted. When I arrived, before the sunrise, there was no one. To access the island from the shore there is a loose stones path that at that moment was submerged. Luckily my idea was to shoot from the shore so I started to work.

Then it happened a phenomenon that still today astonishes me: the stone path to the tower started to be visible. “The tide is fast”, I thought. But just a few minutes after, the path disappeared again under the water as fast as it had appeared. It was like to be inside a fantasy novel: the tower invited me to get in by showing me the path to the island!

I don’t know the explanation to this sudden change of the bay water level, but I’m sure that it is completely rational. But meanwhile I don’t find why, I happy to think that the tower invited me to get in that day ….

Sant Joan Tower.

Port dels Alfacs. Ebre delta.

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